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Shades of Red is now available for digital download!

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Be sure to get Red Summer’s new release Raw Sugar and find out what everyone has been raving about.

Raw Sugar

Raw Sugar is a collection of poetry and prose that turns the gaze outward to the world. It is a critical analysis of experiences in contemporary society without the typical American filter. Raw Sugar is direct and confrontational with a sensitivity and compassion that Red Summer is known for.

First Person

First Person by Red Summer is an intimate, poetic narrative look at the many facets and faces of love. It runs the gamut of emotions as one woman looks at her life from all sides. It explores the heartaches and hallelujahs that come when love and life both come full circle and we learn to live in First Person.

Shades of Red CD

Shades of Red features a live spoken word performance set at Pow Wow Chicago and original music by Red Summer. All of the music was composed and performed by Lover of the Keys.

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